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My main domain it’s giving me Error 403.
Short explanation: i tried editing the .htaccess (just to force redirecting to the https, only the domain not the subdomains too) from the ‘/’ directory but it was protected (good thing), then after I looked up more on forum I found out that I had to make a new htaccess file in htdocs, so I did, but after that I got error 504 I think. After that I just wanted to undo everything to how it was before and now I have this problem.

URL: milu.codes

Thank you.

rename ur .htaccess to .htaccess_backup for a start

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Ok, it’s done.
Now the page does not redirect me but it shows: 403 Access denied. Something with the permissions?

HTTP 504 is a Gateway timeout. This is a server error and isn’t necessary caused by you. Have you got some PHP code that is making a request someone? That could cause the timeout.

About your 403 Forbidden, could you show me your htaccess code?

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I don’t have any PHP scripts, it was only a HTML landing page.

As i said in the initial post, I deleted the htaccess file that i created in htdocs and the only htaccess file that is in ‘/’ directory is the original the default file, but now renamed .htaccess_bk

is there an index.html file? If there’s not, rename your homapage to index.html, because our servers are configured to search fir index files in a directory, if it cannot find it, will return 403.


Yes, there is an index.html file. I just checked the file and it had permissions to 301 and now I just changed the permissions to 644 and it’s working.

Thank you @anon19508339 ! I didn’t check the file permission.


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