403 forbidden

i have a form on MandatoryTrendz - On-Boarding which is posting data to this url mandatorytrendzwebhook.000webhostapp.com/validate.php
but it is always leading to 403 error.

I get something else if I type a dummy number in form,
however it’s hard to answer you because the error occurs on the side of another hosting provider. (000wh)

**Parse error** : syntax error, unexpected 'else' (T_ELSE) in **/storage/ssd5/458/11919458/public_html/validate.php** on line **19**


Thank you the issue has been resolved.

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https://infinityfree.net/errors/403/(403 forbidden) is showed when I type www.epsylon.biz
Not only, but where can I upload files of main domain? I see only folders of subdomains.

The first domain name of your account is always linked to the directory called htdocs. You can upload your files there.

The reason you get a 403 error now is because you have the line Deny from all in your .htaccess file. This line blocks access to any IP address or range which is not explicitly whitelisted. And you have not whitelisted anything. Simply removing this line will make your website accessible from everywhere.


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