403 Forbidden


I have a website hosted in infinityfree, showing 403 Error “The website’s configuration prevents you from accessing this page.”

My website url: rollfastfood.com

Kindly check it & help me regarding this issue.

Your website seems to be working fine from here. Do you experience this issue on all URLs on your website, or only on some? And does this occur on all devices and networks?

Unfortunately, It happens in all internal pages except only homepage, and in all devices & network. Please give me some solution for this issue.

For E.g., I have a page: https://rollfastfood.com/about-us-style-2/ which is redirect to 403 page.

How can I solve this…plz help?

I don’t know why you get that error. Both pages are working fine from my end. I also checked your account to see if there was anything which could explain the block, but I don’t see anything that would explain this.

Do you only experience this issue on WordPress related pages or on other pages as well? For example, can you open https://rollfastfood.com/test/ ?

All the issue has been resolve. Now I can open all the pages. There is some issue with wp permlink which i have now fixed.

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