403 Forbidden with url of folder

Website URL

http://baodemo.42web.io/rgb/ → 403
baodemo .42web .io/rgb/r.html → ok
baodemo .42web .io/rgb/g.html → ok
baodemo .42web .io/rgb/b.html → ok

Error Message

I have a website with many subsites according to the above configuration. Because there are so many I can’t remember their names, I didn’t put the index.html file.
It’s been working fine for the past 2 years, but today I’m getting 403 error when accessing http:// baodemo .42web .io/rgb/

Other Information

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Hi and welcome to the forum! Recently they changed something on the servers where the Directory Listing is disabled by default. You should create a .htaccess file on the htdocs/rgb/ folder with this content:

# enable directory listing
Options +Indexes

Goodjob bro, i think i will delete this host, but bro saved me :smile:


Many thanks


I’m glad to be of any help with the solution I posted to that guy!


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