403 forbidden when sending POST request from client application

website URL: http://hyperbole.epizy.com/

Error Message

403 Forbidden

Other Information

I have a PHP script to log hiscore information (log_level_playthrough.php). When I fill in the URL manually (with the correct parameters for the script in the URL), and paste it in chrome, everything works as expected. When I try to access the exact same URL from my client (a Unity3D game I’m developing), I get a 403 forbidden. Before I continue digging on the Unity side of things, could this be a limitation of the free service, or is this expected to work?

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Nils Desle

Unfortunately, remote access from applications is not allowed, and the security system will block it;

[What features aren’t supported] Access through Android or iOS mobile apps (mobile browsers work fine).


Fair enough, I’ll look for a different solution then…

Just to check: if I get Super Premium, is it then allowed?

Yes, It is enabled and allowed, and the ?i=1 is also disabled, the security system is disabled on any payed plans.

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