403 Forbidden when changing redirects

Username: epiz_27398672 and website URL: http://kiboard.ml

Error msg: Forbidden

You don’t have permission to access /panel/indexpl.php on this server.

Other Info

I was trying to redirect my site to kiboard.ml/index but it shows the forbidden error. If I go to the site, it shows the directory listing and index in it but doesn’t redirect.

The Redirects tool has unfortunately suffered from validation/security issues preventing some redirects from being set up.

Can you please share which URL you were trying to redirect it to? That way, I can try to reproduce it and (if I can confirm it breaks) try to get it fixed.

I added a file index, which had , so when read by the browser, It would show the page as an Html page. But when I go to http://kiboard.ml, it shows the directory listing, so I tried redirecting it to http://kiboard.ml/index (btw there isn’t a CSS file cuz I haven’t uploaded it) but it shows the error. I tried to add an Html file so it would automatically redirect(cuz whenever I used the services and uploaded the file, it would always redirect automatically there.) but it doesn’t. Both the files are still there so visit them. The redirect file is on redir.html.

after the ‘which had’, there should be < !DOCTYPE html >

Please note our Redirects tool can only be used to redirect to other websites.

If you want to redirect your website’s base URL to a different page on your site, you can use a PHP redirect for that. There are plenty of examples on how to do that on the web.


But for that, you need to have a page instead of the directory listing. kiboard.ml always shows the directory listing, so the redirects wouldn’t work.

I tried to redirect it by adding a new different website http://redir-kiboard.ml but, It still shows that error. Please tell me more.

I just tried to redirect kiboard.ml to redir-kiboard.ml and it worked flawlessly for me. So I don’t know why it didn’t work for you.

It still doesn’t work! I can’t even remove the redirect you placed.

And even in redir-kiboard.ml, there is the directory listing,

I setup kiboard.ml to redirect to http://redir-kiboard.ml. Setting a redirect only changes the domain being redirected, not the site it’s redirecting to.

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