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Hello I have this php script that I am using to display some data for my cs 1.6 server to the forum but I get the error in the title. I have read other topic like this one but didn’t found a way to fix it so I would be glad to know what is wrong with it. This is the link http://awesomecs.epizy.com/chat.php

I guess something is wrong with it cause I have two others that seems to be working fine about bans and gags, hope someone can tell me a solution, thanks.

Hello! Chat scripts are not allowed here. Even if you insists, the automatic anti-abuse filter will limit your site.

These errors might be triggered by the automatic anti-abuse filter. Sad to say…


i think you are using chat scripts .try to read this sir.

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Its not a chat script it a just shows data from some file from my other ftp server. You can see how it looks here https://awesomecs.syntrwave.com/chat.php

There is literally no difference between

As all 3 of them just load a file and show the content in table pretty much.

Try to rename the chat.php to something else because the auto anti-abuse filter might falsely blocked that script.


Okay now seems to be working fine I have renamed it messages, thanks you.

You are welcome! Happy to help! :slightly_smiling_face:


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