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Website URL - http://nearsens.com

Username - if0_34367062

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403 Forbidden
Server or website configuration is blocking you from viewing this page

Other Information

I uploaded my site on Wordpress on ftp, added a database, inside the folder there is index.php, but the site does not work
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Hi and welcome to the forum! If you want your WordPress website to work on /, you’ll have to move the files on your htdocs folder from the folder you uploaded that contains the WordPress files inside it always inside the htdocs folder, then perform the manual installation as usual.

If the problem isn’t that, I think you should read this article:

Or you can simply use Softaculous to install WordPress. Like so, you’ll save time in something you’ll have ready in minutes!


I have a ready working site on Wordpress, I moved it to the folder htdocs, the article I read and all the conditions there are fulfilled, I do not need to deploy a new installation of Wordpress, but only to make my site to work

I assume you were able to get it working?


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