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I completely removed my semi-finished website (https://socod.net) , but it still displays “403 Forbidden” error .

You already answered your own question. If the folder of a certain website contains 0 files, it will raise a 403.


but, if i reinstall the web system, it still shows the 403 errors.

What software? How did you configured everything? Where does it shows 403? What did you expected to see?

Just stating “it shows 403” is far from enough for us to determine the problem.


software is Drupal
i just deleted the file index.php , and then removed the whole website.

Have you already installed it back? If yes,

Can you please share a screenshot of the current content of your htdocs? Does the software was actually installed into the correct place?

Also, please read the guide I shared above, as it contains many useful information.


i just coved the file index.php, then can not restore it , i deleted it.
i reinstalled the web system , if i create a index.html file , i can browse this file.
if i browse the file index.php, it will shows unexpected error.

I suspect it raised an error 500.

Since you mentioned you are using a CMS, is the DB configured correctly?

I cannot view the files however, did you deleted them again?


i can browse index.php and /user/login now , but i can not minutes ago . the domain still shows 403 error. i will login and try again.

It works for me though, no more 403.

However I do see mixed content, and your website indeed works with HTTPS, which means your site isn’t forcing an HTTPS connection.


yes , i can not configue it now .
the website seems runs properly now.
Thanks for your help

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