403 Forbidden Error

Username: epiz_28927309

Hi, I keep getting the 403 forbidden error message when I try to access my site. I recently created my site this past Friday. Yesterday I saw that the site was finally up with the default display page, so today I decided to upload my html documents and start doing some testing. However, I keep running into this error message for some reason.

Please follow the topic template and include a URL. Also, is this error occurring on the main page, or on a different page?

My custom url for the site is ambitiousbreed.com and yeah the error is occurring on the main page of the site.

Can you share a screenshot of your /htdocs directory in an FTP client, as well as your index.html (Or index.php) file? If you have added or edited a .htaccess file, please show that as well.


Here are two pictures. One is the first level and then after you click htdocs you will see the second level. I created a new .htaccess to see if it would help and in that .htaccess file I even changed index.html to ambitiousbreed.com/htdocs/ to see if that would help too but no luck :/.

Here is the second photo my bad

Can you show that .htaccess file that is inside the /htdocs folder please?

Your website works fine for me


Yeah I guess it was probably just a little problem with the server :thinking:.

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