403 Forbidden Error

Hello, I’ am new here.

I just finished uploading my files and my home page is working. However when I go to sign up page, I receive an 403 forbidden error.

Here is my site: http://online-bandwidth-calculator.epizy.com/

I looked around on how to fix it, unfortunately I can’t fix it. I also tried to clear cache but it didn’t work for me. Some of the pages are working and some are un accessible. Please help me. Thank you in advance for your answers!

Hello, here are a new things you can try & look at.

  1. Checking site and folder permissions
  2. Reading What is the 403 Forbidden Error & How to Fix it (3 Methods Explained) (hostinger.com)
  3. Reading Ensuring only web browsers can access your website - InfinityFree Knowledge Base
  4. Found this SQL error as well. ( online-bandwidth-calculator.epizy.com/modules/bandwidth_calculator/controllers/db-load-institutions.php)

On an unrelated note: Can you please let me know how you created the login page? It looks amazing!

Hey, Thank you for your response. So far, nothing works for me. 2 of the pages is not accessible for some reason, my sign up page and the bandwidth calculator page. One of the links you sent suggested to delete the htaccess file, I tried it but I get an error “Permission Denied”.

Also I’m glad you find the design attractive. I only used bootstrap and some fonts available at google fonts. The icons I used are from icons8. Check out dribbble.com for design ideas!

Make sure you are not deleting or editing the .htaccess file in the image below, but creating a new one in the htdocs directory.
Screenshot 2021-04-03 123855
Do not edit the highlighted file, but create a new .htaccess file in the htdocs directory. (An easy way to do this is to copy and paste the highlighted file into the htdocs directory, than replace its contents.)

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Yes. It’s not letting me edit or delete it anyway. I’ve read somewhere that some file names are causing the error. I tried renaming signup.php to create-account but that didn’t work too.

Make sure you clear your cache after you edit your site.

Also, I found these errors:
SQL error. ( online-bandwidth-calculator.epizy.com/modules/bandwidth_calculator/controllers/db-load-institutions.php )

Other error. error

Use of the folder modules in URLs was restricted for security reasons. The modules folder is typically used for PHP scripts that should not be accessed directly from the browser.

If you name that folder anything else, it will work.


Thanks a lot for your help. I got those errors down too. Best of luck!

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