403 Forbidden Error on Unity with UnityWebRequest and WWW

I am developing a mobile game that need to use online mysql database and in this game i need to add data on database through mobile phone.
i am using WWW object to send a web request on GetUserInfo.php, and sending my data with php to my database.

I used same system with another free hosting and it was working perfectly but i want to transfer my files on your hosting.

in your hosting, i tested my php files and database through web browser and they were working perfectly but in game engine, i am getting 403 forbidden error.

i think this is about a restriction by your settings. How can ? solve this problem? Or sould i transfer my system on another horting?

InfinityFree provides a website hosting service, not a database hosting service. You can only use your hosting account to host websites, visitors who do not use web browsers (like bots, apps and other automated scripts) are blocked from accessing.

You can read more about the security system here: https://infinityfree.net/support/javascript-error-using-api-or-mobile-android-app/