403 "Forbidden" error despite not using "include/require?"

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403 Forbidden

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For a bit of context: I am getting this error upon clicking a hyperlink in my site that is meant to delete data from a table in a PHP Database. in my deletion script, I did not use any chat scripts, nor did i use include or require, so i am unsure as to why this is not working.
If needed, I can post my code in a follow up reply.

Are you able to ftp to your hosting account using Filezilla?


Yes, I am able to connect to my database just fine now, but I think it might be something up with my code.
For reference: here is my “delete from database” code:

        $servername = "sql200.epizy.com";
        $username = "epiz_32901841";
        $password = "Password";
        $dbname = "epiz_32901841_database2";
        $db = new mysqli($servername, $username, $password, $dbname);
        if ($db->connect_error)
            die("Connection failed: " . $db->connect_error);

$query = "DELETE FROM titles WHERE gameid = '$gameid'";

if ($result)
    echo "Game deleted from the database!";
    echo "Game not deleted. Please try again."


It seems you’ve accidentally included your password in this file, please delete it and ensure it’s been changed.


“include” and IIRC “require” are keywords that will always return a 403 in the browser, but will work correctly if included or required from another file, not in those directories.

See this:


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