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Hi, everyone! This is my domain from GoDaddy, I just renewed its SSL certificate last month, and since I’m hosting it through Infinity Free, I changed the nameservers from the default in my Godaddy domain page to the Infinity Free nameservers, the certificate was then renewed so I installed it, but then if I continued using the IF nameservers, every time I visit my website without typing the “www.”, it always routes me to a Godaddy advertisement page, but then when I completely typed my website url with the “www.” included, it loads my website. I was able to fix this 3 months ago and when I set my website up last January by reverting the nameservers back to the Godaddy default ones. But now, it no longer worked. My would no longer load, saying “www.pimpleletta.com” unexpectedly closed the connection. So, I checked my previous topic here and followed the instruction to change the value of my A Record in my Godaddy DNS page to my website IP address found in my Infinity Free dashboard.

Here’s where I got the IP address to put in the A record:

My nameservers now are the Infinity Free nameservers.

I highly appreciate your response and help. Thank you in advance!

Look at this:

Did you ever accidentally blocked anything?

Mention that both of the urls (with or without www) resolve, but both redirect me to 403.


I checked your account and it seems that the htdocs directory is missing. Please note that when you deleted the domain from your account and added it again last week, the directory your domain was linked to was changed from htdocs to pimpleletta.com/htdocs, but your files have not been moved to this new location.

Please create a new folder in your account with the name pimpleletta.com, and then move the htdocs directory into it. That should fix your website.

I don’t fully understand why this results in a 403 error, you’d normally see a 404 error in situations like this. But I think this may work anyways.


Hi, this is what’s inside the htaccess file:

Thank you! I created the folder as what you’ve said and moved the htdocs folder to it, now my website loads and opens. Thank you! By the way, may I know how did you check my account?


He is the site admin, he runs this site, and of course he can check your account.


Oh! My bad! Thank you for pointing that out. I did not realize it shows “Owner of InfinityFree” in his reply until now. :sweat_smile:

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