403 errors on random files

Never mind, bye.

I got the same error. There are uploaded files for example: http://yos.epizy.com/yos/includes/config.php
But dispite this file is uploaded and you can see it at the file manager and chmod is correct, there is 403 error.

That’s because using includes as a folder name is blacklisted. An includes folder is typically used to store PHP files which are included (or required) into other PHP script, and they should not be accessed directly.

yep, thank you for your soon answare. But I wonder why there is others files available at folder: http://yos.epizy.com/yos/includes/templates/ Some files are not available and some other are. Whatever, just you may want to know this information.

There is some way I can revert this situation without renaming the folder?

Similarly, for your own safety, file names like config.php are blocked for the same reason: the config.php file usually stored configuration values, like passwords, which should not be accessible through a browser.

ok, good to know. Thanks. I am changing the file structure :slight_smile:

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