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I will create a web portfolio, well the web portfolio is php with admin panel, well I add addon domains so “admin.excel-aw.rf.gd” continues even 403 error, I haven’t given you a file ( still default ) url addon domain http://admin.excel-aw.rf.gd

Have you checked this article already?

Your account is working fine. You see a 403 error because you haven’t uploaded a website yet. As soon as you do, the site will work.


thanks, work

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Do I want to upload a file for a portfolio (not the admin panel (the page that shows about me) so how come the file is directly uploaded to admin.excel-aw.rf.gd? Not to default? That is https://excel-aw.rf.gd, I use FileZilla.

The files for your main site should go to htdocs while the admin panel goes into admin.excel-aw.rf.gd/htdocs.

There’s no such thing called “default” I think, as the real default folder is your account’s root folder and you can’t upload things there.


use filezilla?

Yes, it is recommended to use filezilla for uploading files.

But you still can’t upload to the “root” (/) folder.

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That’s just admin.excel-aw.rf.gd, and in the htdocs folder there is also no htdocs Excel-aw

This is wild, to be honest.

Can you please show what is inside that htdocs? Just the admin panel?

yes, it’s just admin panel


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