403 Error - Account seams broken

So, I had that contact form error on my website that I was trying to fix, and I finally found the time to try to fix it the way that @Oxy mentioned, but my site always loads a 403 error now! Here is what I tried,

(They all give that 403 page)

Clearing Cache in Chrome
Clearing Cache in MS Edge
Clearing Cache in Brave
IOS - Safari
iPadOS - Safari
IOS - Safari - Cellular Data
Brave - Clear Cache - Alternate WiFi
Chrome - Clear Cache - Alternate WiFi
MS Edge - Clear Cache - Alternate WiFi

Site Stuff (Doesn’t matter what I do, all I get is a 403):

Delete .htaccess, clear cache, try above
Delete everything but WP-WooCommerance Store, clear cache, try above
Remove All Files, clear cache, try above
Load basic HTML files, clear cache, try above
Scream at the PC (Wanting to throw it out the window, but not wanting to fix it)

Needless to say, I think there is something wrong with the account, as I have already removed all my files (Thankfully I have a backup, I thought of that after I clicked “Delete”)

Here is some account info:
Domain: --removed–
Username: epiz_28335187
Status: Active
Main Domain: ofkdsbyl.epizy.com
Hosting Volume: vol1000_7
Created: 2021-04-07

Now, I would just like to know what happened, and why (And if I did something wrong). I am already migrating my site, files, and database to a new account, but I would love for this not be repeated. There is never a dull moment around here.

Whats the specific URL to the form?

And also your domain wptests.epizy.com returns an SSL error.

I think it is http://wptests.epizy.com/contactform it might not be there because I was deleting files, but I think I put it back. As for SSL, I have no clue why it’s not working (it was working before just fine before I deleted everything).

I am an Idiot blind (Technically both). I just realized I created a directory titled “htdocs” within the “htdocs” directory, and that I was trying to access the seccond /htdocs (So all of my files are actually safe in the first /htdocs). Its confusing, but here is my file structure:

/htdocs (The one that comes with the account)
~The origonal site files
    /htdocs (The one I made)
    ~The files that gave the error above

So I was typing in a URL (like site.com/page) and getting an error because it was supposed to be (Login | HSTS Redirection Community). My .htaccess file must have changed my 404’s into 403’s making me think it was something different (I blame the creator of .htaccess rules, I don’t think anyone can read them).

Thanks @TigerMANEK426 for replying! (The actual contact form is now gone, I am going to change some stuff and try again). As for SSL, my browser (Desktop, MS Edge) calls it secure, but my iPhone didn’t (Or the iPhone was HTTP or something). Whatever, it is all good now! (And I will make this mistake again, so just link this topic :joy:)


BTW your site redirects to: suspended-website.com

Um, no it does not. The main domain (http://ofkdsbyl.epizy.com) will always redirect to suspended-domain. My actual site domain is different.

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Random question, why did you hide the site URL? You can still see it by just looking at the post history lol

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IDK, I am going to remove the domain at some point, I guess I have no reason to remove it from the fourm… I was frustrated at WP that day, so maybe that was why? :joy:

Fair enough I suppose :joy:

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Another random question: do you have discord?

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My answer when BayoDino asked, it’s still the same :joy::

Again, fair enough. Its good for general convos with people tho :slight_smile:

IK, that’s why I am kind of thinking about getting one…

We are soo off topic aren’t we, but it’s my topic, so I don’t think it matters, right Admin?

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