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403 acces denied

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i dont wanna make webside, iwanna use website like cloud, imma upload my folders and pull information from the game. but there is a errror, i want my website like https://fpsonlinegame.com/control.fpsonlinegame.com/backend/

Then Infinityfree is not the hosting for you.


Index of /control.fpsonlinegame.com/backend/ so you mean infinityfree doesnt got any feature like that example website ?

You can still enable directory listing by adding this inside an .htaccess file you create inside the htdocs folder in the folder you want it enabled:

Options +Indexes

But if you want to use your website for a game please also note the security system:


bro i created .htaccess in home directory and in htdocs directory, and write Options +Indexes inside of .htaccess. but still same ? 403 acces denied

sorry bro it worked thanks !


bro i got new problem, when i try to pull information from game, im taking that error
Curl error 52: Empty reply from server
Received no data in response
sometimes Curl error 56: Recv failure: Connection was reset
what can i do ?

Don’t use website hosting for something that’s not a website. Both @Ziverre and @JxstErg1 already pointed out hosting is not a good fit for this project.

What you’re seeing is our hosting working exactly as designed, which is automated requests getting blocked by the security system explained in the article that @JxstErg1 linked to.


how can i disable security system ? igave all permissions

If we point you towards an article with more information, please read that article, because it contains relevant information. If you did, you would have seen that there is a subsection in that article that specifically answers this question.

Please read the article. If anything is not clear still, please ask your question and we’re happy to provide more information.

Also, everyone can read the entire topic. No need to ask the same question in replies to different messages.

This is a forum, not a live chat.


oky but what can i do about that security system ??

and why its working on other hosts but not in this host ? what is that security system thing

If you read the article, you would know.


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