400 Bad Request

Hello due to 400 Bad Request Error I can only give you my Website Adress tobiaswebsite.22web.org but I can’t access the Login and Admin Panel due to 400 Bad Request Errors please help me

Your website works to me! Clear your cache

I’m Using WordPress only WordPress

You are showing a 400 error for the client area how is that related to your website??

I get 400 Bad Request Error is it only for me please Help

The client area is working fine, just wait for a few mins/hours and it will go off on its own!

But it didn’t work for me since 9 February 2022

Did you clear your cache since then? Restarted your phone? Disconnect and re-connect to your network??

I already tried it didn’t work :frowning:

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Looks suspended to me

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The account is not suspended.

@Tobias, a 4xx error is a client error, so this is on your end. Have you tried a different browser, and clearing your cache and cookies?


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