400 Bad Request Nginx Help

Sometimes, when i access any feature on my webpage that involving using mysql, it will show 400 Bad Request Nginx. It always appear randomly, i have tried entering the same data input as the one that got nginx error, and it succesfully saved, updated, or deleted (at attempt one or two, after it got error). I’m not sure my code caused it, since i have tried it on my own localhost and never face the nginx error. Is it caused by hosting configuration or something else?

Can you provide some example URLs on which we may see this issue?


The error sometimes also occured in my login page, in totally random condition. Even if i enter correct username and password, it will show nginx error and i have to return to previous page, then when i tried it again, it will logged in successfully (or sometimes show nginx error again). This also occured when i entered wrong username or password.

Just asking, if i become premium member, will the 400 bad request error solved?

I checked your site and I don’t see the 400 error. And I don’t know what’s causing this.

If it’s caused by your website code, then switching hosting probably won’t change anything. If it’s caused by the server, then it probably will. But without knowing what’s causing this, it’s impossible to say.

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