400 Bad Request Error



Error Message

400 bad request

Other Information

In a folder in my webhost I created one html form that send a file from my PC to a PHP file in the same folder and PHP file action is only to echo name of file sent by html form .
when I browse the HTML file from URL address of my website and send a file , the PHP file will echo the file name correctly but if I make the same html file in my PC and browse it to send a file to PHP file there is a 400 Bad Request Error .

what is the reason for this error and how to solve it ?

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Hmm, I don’t know exactly what could be causing this. “400 Bad Request” simply means that the server doesn’t like your input. But what’s wrong with your input, or what is refusing the request to begin with, I don’t know.

Could you please answer these questions to help figure it out?

  • How big is the file you’re trying to upload, and what is the file type?
  • What does the error page look like exactly? A screenshot of the page could help us determine what generated it.
  • If possible, could you provide a link to your page so we can try it ourselves?

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