3D Graphics With UI

Hi. I’m looking in a step in the right direction for a server to host a website I plan to create. I have no experience with this, although I do have a couple friends with some experience who may help me on this project.

The project consists of apps which display interactive 3D graphs, which I was warned may be very computationally intensive. This is a short blogpost someone made about the project where you can see a gif of it being used.

I currently have the apps on MatLab; I plan on transferring them over to JavaScript and writing the necessary HTML.

I plan on using the JavaScriptUI library to create sliders, spinners, and buttons for the user. By toggling them, the 3D graphics should update. I plan on using the plotly library and in particular their surface plots to create the graphics.

The 3D graphics are very simple as you can see by the gif; it’s just several planes and lines. However, it should update continuously as the user toggles the widgets without noticeable delay. Do you know if InfinityFree would be able to handles this, and how I might be able to optimize it?

Thank you in advance!

Javascript is run by a browser not a server, therefore if it mostly consists of JS then you will be fine!


Thank you!

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