301 redirect issue


Hello everyone
I wanted to make a 301 redirect from this domain to another through the hosting control panel, but I ran into a problem. I see this: https://i.imgur.com/9SaC1J0.png, although I have an https certificate installed and I have already transferred all the weight from http. Can I somehow select https in this tab or do it through htaccess ?

The redirect works for HTTP, HTTPS, the domain listed there and any domain you may have parked on top of it. The placeholder there is just to help visually indicate what should be entered in the box. The code that it installs on your site doesn’t contain the domain name or protocol.


Thanks for the reply!
That is, this is not a problem and I just need to insert my domain and the domain to which the redirect will go, and everything else (all certificates, etc.) will work as it should, right?

Yes, exactly. You can just enter a path if desired, and enter the target URL and it will work.


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