3 Years Later : Do Free Hosting now runs on SSD?

Can someone please tell me that Does InfinityFree offer free SSD storage? So I can Convert to it…

This is a post from 2019. More than 3 years later.
Any updates regarding this?

Byethost uses SSD (according to a unverified source)

With Byethost’s free plan, you’ll get 5GB disk space, unlimited monthly transfer, and 5 email addresses along with SSDs, Softaculous, and a website builder.

Byethost is running on an SSD (Probably) and Infinity Free/IfastNet (may also, not sure) now uses SSD.

Edit: Sorry for having so many questions about Infinity Free. I am just reading on older forum threads and only curious on what happen to it.

Good question.

I think the anwser is yes, SSD is now used. Admin would know for sure.


A lot of upgrades in the last few years have been about moving sites to better storage, which is pretty much guaranteed to be SSD or NVMe storage.

How much is exactly on SSD storage, I don’t know. At various moments I thought it was all upgraded to SSD storage, but then a few months later another upgrade is done that migrates more stuff to SSDs. So I’m not sure if it’s 100% SSD now or not.

But I do know that iFastNet is putting a lot of attention and money into performance, and will hunt for things that make the system slow and take steps to improve them. So if there are still places where HDDs are being used, it’s probably not particularly impactful to performance.

Premium hosting is definitely all SSD though.


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