2gb upload size file gives null when reached 100% through ftp

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I am trying to upload a backup file from my previous hoster from WordPress, the last 3 days and it seems it can’t be successfully uploaded.
I tried that from a pc with FileZilla,i tried with other ftp software and i tried it from a smartphone, too, without success. My site is off for 3 days now and customers starts to complain… Today as i watched it completing, when reached 100% (and said to my self, at last) after 100% and instead of success i got a message saying null file upload not succeeded.

Pls give me a hint what to do as soon as possible!

It’ll remove more than 10MB upload without receiving a warning.

You might upload your files one by one or in pack of them that they’re less than 10MB.


Both WordPress and we provide various articles with more instructions on how you can deal with this.

For example, these are the official instructions from WordPress and our instructions on how to migrate a website.


None of these operations involves moving around large blobs of multiple GBs.

For more information about managing large archives, please see this article:



I really can’t understand why a simple thing, like using a plugin inside WordPress by uploading a file to restore a hole site, can be so much complicated like trying save the database from old hoster and all the files one by one… I REALLY REALLY REALLY CAN’T UNDERSTAND THAT. In order to do what you’re saying, i have to change the DNS servers back to original in order to login to WordPress and make all these things you’re saying… I still don’t understand why through FTP can’t someone upload a file whatever the size is. Don’t i have a special place in your hard disk that i can use it as i want?

You’re trying to restore a backup on a free (and therefore restricted) hosting service using a single process, single threaded script run from an application designed to serve files over the web. None of these things are remotely suitable for doing a large data processing job.

Why so? Your old hosting provider will have a URL for their control panel and an IP address or hostname for the FTP server, neither of which involve your own domain. It would be really stupid if you couldn’t access your hosting account administration tools if your website isn’t working.

Because we don’t provide a backup or file storage service. We provide a website hosting service. And websites don’t have individual files of multiple GBs.

And for the purposes of unpacking a backup, remember that FTP has no way to extract archives on the server. So extracting the backup would have to be done through PHP code (either in your website or in our file manager), in which case I refer back to the first part of this message.

We can’t just give you unlimited hard disk space. Hard disks have a finite capacity. And they cost money, which you’re not giving us.

If you want to have a hard disk which you can use however you want, you can buy your own at an electronics retailer of your choice, along with whatever hardware you need to connect to the hard drive (e.g. a computer, NAS or USB adapter). But that’s not free, and not redundantly connected and powered in a datacenter and managed by a hosting company. Which also costs money.


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