2FA - Https://shadowdev.rf.gd/

my 2fa device is broken and i cannot acces my websites https://shadowdev.rf.gd/ control panel please help

If you lost the recovery code as well then no one can help you.


Sorry, you’re lost with that account. Read more:


I’m quite confused on what you mean by “2FA Device is broken”. Can you explain more about the issue like do you have a code error or you lost a Recovery Code to something on the website?
Plus I don’t see anything 2FA related on the website. If you are using site.pro as your website builder and you are having issues there then you should contact SitePro Support on their website instead of posting on the InfinityFree Forums.

@duckyishot93, the OP says that the device used for 2FA to login to the client area is no longer available for use. This has nothing to do with the website, or it’s content.

2FA device?

Just to be clear:

OP (@shadowdev) has lost access to the 2FA device (ie. An Android/iPhone) and therefore cannot login to the Client Area. I am assuming that OP does not have the recovery codes provided.

OP (and everyone else) can access the website, of course. But OP cannot login to cPanel because OP doesn’t have cPanel login saved and has no access to the Client Area (as I described above).

Maybe to prevent further confusion, it is time to close this topic (@Greenreader9)?


I will not close it yet, just in case the OP wants to reply. I have hidden it from the public. One the topic auto-closes, I will reopen it publically.

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Sorry, I misread that since I was in a hurry.