2006 - MySQL server has gone away

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MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:

2006 - MySQL server has gone away


[READ] Unable to connect to MySQL server

If you’re a visitor of this website, please wait a few minutes and try again. If this problem persists, please contact the site owner.

Other Information

I seem to get this message on a regular basis, as do the handful of people trying to access the site. Usually several refreshes manages to get through this…
Is this something on my end, or some other issue…??


MySQL is not local in your computer, it is on a remote server. What sql server are you on?

It says this: sql102.epizy.com
But I’m pretty sure I’m actually on 103(but I could be wrong)

Your website is working, and I am going to just ignore the post preview that appears under “Main Forum”.

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Right, should have emphasized that it is intermittent. Sometimes the site loads straight away, sometimes not. Seems to be the case for everyone. Not sure why it would work sometimes and not others.

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A quick web search for the error message tells me the most common reason for this is that the MySQL query being sent to the server is too big. Alternatively, the server is overloaded.

Do you encounter this error completely at random? Or does it happen when you take specific actions on your site?


Seems to be entirely random.

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