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Ha, as if virus scanner companies would even think of providing such an option.

The aes.js file is also being served on every domain always. Registering a special path for the cookie page and serving that from every domain should be possible I think.

I hope not. New releases like that tend to have some bugs on the .0 version that were missed in development. And then it may still take some time for all software to be tested and updated to support the new version.

I would wait for half a year for all software to be updated and most upstream bugs to be solved.

Many of the bumps you’re talking about happened because:

  • Updating from PHP 7 to PHP 8 was quite a bit leap.
  • They made some changes to how PHP is setup in the first place (with all the disabled functions and extensions and so on).

The PHP installation on free hosting used to contain a lot of custom patches (for example to provide mysql_* functions on PHP 7). With the PHP 8 upgrade, a lot of those customizations were thrown out to make things simpler and more standard. And instead of trying to make PHP 8 work on CentOS 6 (which some servers still run), everything now runs on new AlmaLinux servers.

Because of the simplification, building PHP 8.3 for free hosting should be much simpler. And since “the bullet has been bit” with the PHP 8.2 update to simplify things, the number of changes should be much smaller too.

And because all servers were just upgraded to new AlmaLinux, it’s a lot more feasible to just update PHP in-place and not rebuild and migrate all the servers.

The PHP 8.2 upgrade was painful because it included a lot of extra changes to make things simpler. The PHP 8.3 upgrade is where we can bear the fruits of these changes and have a fast and smooth upgrade.