2 Issue in my website script

Website URL : http://welcome2.my-board.org

Now I face 2 issues in above my website as the following:

1- when I post a video the status bar reach to 100% and then disappear , So I can’t publish or post a video !!

2- when I click on Messages button which in the left panel it just make a refresh to the current page without going to the Private Messages.

Sorry I forgot:
User Name & Password is : [email protected]


  • I try the same script in another webhosting service and it’s working well with no issues.
  • I also try to activate SSL Certificate But also nothing happened
    So, Please help & advice how to solve this issue

Thanks In advance

If video is more than 10MB, it will be deleted

Likely due to this


Adding to KangJL’s reply, you may upload your videos to YouTube and embed them into your website.


First ,Thanks for your respond

second, about
1- No the video less than 6Mb

2- The url is correct and it does not redirect to infinityfree 403 error page
it just make a refresh to the current page [ login and try ]
you just see that because you not logging in

Thanks , But I need the user to upload in my website it self

Hi getleaks,

I tried your website, good design btw.

There’s an error in the POST request and it shows that you’ve been attempting to use exec() function (probably a ffmpeg command right there i believe)

<br/><b>Fatal error</b>:  Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function exec() in /home/vol14_5/infinityfree.com/if0_35736190/welcome2.my-board.org/htdocs/core/libs/ffmpeg-php/src/FFmpeg.php: 490 Stack trace: #0/home/vol14_5/infinityfree.com/if0_35736190/welcome2.my-board.org/htdocs/apps/native/ajax/main/content.php(166): FFmpeg-&gt;ready()#1/home/vol14_5/infinityfree.com/if0_35736190/welcome2.my-board.org/htdocs/api.php(56): require_once('/home/vol14_5/i...')#2{
}thrown in<b>/home/vol14_5/infinityfree.com/if0_35736190/welcome2.my-board.org/htdocs/core/libs/ffmpeg-php/src/FFmpeg.php</b> on line <b>490</b><br/>

However, the function is disabled on free hosting for security considerations. You should consider only allow uploading mp4s, however there are far more considerations when dealing with videos and unfortunately a free hosting isn’t going to enable you to do that.

A video-enabled social media requires video encoding features on the server, or by using an encoding service via REST API, ideally with cron jobs available.



Thanks for your excellent respond ,
But what about the issue #1 of the messages Tap link ?

KangJL already answered that

and if you read the article you will see that it is about
chat” word in your URL



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