2-Factor Authenticator

I think that putting the 2-Factor Authenticator by Google isn’t going to be hard. So if someone would know the account password, he would need to know the Google Authenticator code too. How about this?

Hey @MrMishka.

This sounds like a nice idea. I like this idea however I am unsure about the technical settings. There may be some restrictions that may not allow implent 2-Factor authenticator due to system that we use, but only @Admin can tell if it’s posibble.


Oh, ok, alright, Thanks muches!

While I agree that two factor authentication is a good idea generally speaking, it’s not a priority for the hosting control panel right now. After all, if someone were to know your account username and password, they wouldn’t be able to enter the control panel but they would be able to access your databases and login to your FTP space. So the added security would be negligible.