Hello administrator and forum people, I am trying to upload a project in joomla that has a j2store store, I have problems wanting to upload the database, I am using aeeba backup with kickstart, to upload it quickly, but I stay there … .message:

Database restoration
An error occurred while restoring the database. The error message can be found below. Click on the × button at the top right of this dialog message to close it and return to the database restoration page.
Database error processing line 40
Database server error reply:

ErrNo # 1153
Got a packet bigger than ‘max_allowed_packet’ bytes

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This could be due to there being PHP time limits on free hosting accounts.

Can something be done? my website is very small and the cms complete with all the info weighs 60megabytes

It’s very common on WordPress & Joomla to reach the timelimits. However I sometimes run into database connection errors on my site as well. It could be something wrong with byetcluster.com

I already tried 2 times with akeeba back-up and ended up in the same place, I think I am within the limits of the free platform
"we have detected that the required maximum size for a single row SQL query is 1.17mb for you site … MAX_ALLOWED_PACKET
configuration variable of your database server to at least 2mb.

max_allowed_packet is the maximum size of a single databse query you can run on a MySQL server. We have set that limit to stop people from overloading the database with massive bulk queries.

I haven’t seen people hit this limit often. Even backup tools or database export/import tools generally stay within this limit.

If the site you’re backing up from is still accessible for you, you could try to generate a new backup with smaller SQL queries. Most database export tools have a setting where you can set the number of rows being inserted at once. If you reduce that number, you should be able to import your website.


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