#1044 - Access denied

If I connect with phpMyAdmin to my database I cannot press the button to create a table. (The first one.)
If I then try some SQL, the answer is #1044 - Access denied for user ‘epiz_21881004’@‘192.168.0.%’ to database ‘epiz_21881004_Bilder’

You sure you’re good with the configuration? And I hope you mean, you’re trying to connect phpMyAdmin from the CPanel and not the software. On free accounts, you can not connect to databases remotely.

I see you were able to create tables, which means that you can connect to the database. Did you get that error for a specific query test? If so, could you share the query text here? It’s possible that the specific type of query you were trying to run is blocked.

Thank you both for quick response!
The problem is gone.(Probably temporary/momentary problem. Sorry!)