10000 forum users celebration - special event

Maybe block the IP of the attacker.

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You’re assuming it’s one IP.
Whatever happened to your old account?

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Can’t, it was multiple IPs. Plus, its quite easy to modify an IP, so not worth the effort.

It was deleted. I am curious as to why though.


I wish it wouldn’t load up the entire interface. It takes around 1-2 seconds to load it in, too.

I mean, is it normal for a DAW to load in the entire plugin? What if it did that with something like serum, or phase plant.

If I have 100 different instrument tracks (which can happen, or, more realistically, 20), I won’t be able to handle it all.

I mean, what I just said is really the problem here. Does this happen to you? Does it treat it like an entire separate exe file and just run multiple instances of a synth?


I don’t see it because most of my plugins are 64bit
but to me it is logical that each synth is treated separately (VST)

because every synthesizer plays something different right?
even if it plays the same thing, it has a separate stereo channel and a link to the mixer, its own
settings, UI, etc.

So it is also logical that he receives other instructions and that it has its own process
and this may or may not be visible in the task manager

some VSTs also have a stand-alone exe, so you can run them without a DAW

but from your screenshot from the task manager
it is not a separate exe but a sub-process
similar to looking at the browser and you will see that each tab has its own process or more

more than 5 instruments playing at the same time is not recommended because you don’t have enough spectrum to be heard adequately and the frequencies would be at war.

but they don’t all play at the same time - they just load with the project
so that playing it went as fluidly as possible when you press play.

it’s hard for me to understand what’s bothering you and what the problem is…
I don’t use that DAW…
should only half the plugin be loaded?
I do not understand

it takes time to put it all in RAM
plus everything else that happens in the background
such as generating timelines, wave forms, etc.
For me, the projects are loaded mostly in about 15-30 seconds…some bigger ones take longer


Yeah, but if my track has over 100 in total it has to load them up into memory (even if they aren’t playing at that point).

For instance, my music track has 5-6 (can’t remember which) vital VST plugins.

Let’s say that I make a more complex song that uses a lot of different vital instruments (maybe a “make every sound with just this” challenge).

I just want to avoid it eating up all of my ram, and am worried that on larger songs with more flavors (instruments), that I won’t have enough ram.

I mean, how much RAM did the project you posted a little while back take up? Do music makers have 32 gigs of ram or upwards of that?


RAM serves to be filled - empty RAM is a waste of money

a project or some exe allocates as much RAM as it can take

when the free RAM runs out, it starts reading directly from the cache
, and when that runs out, then directly from the hard disk
anyway don’t worry about RAM

rather, your latency will increase and everything will be delayed or sound bad and jerky
due to the impossibility of a sound card even with ASIO

less than 4GB
it all depends on the DAW as well and smart code
the language in which it was written and so on.

when I used FL studio the first time in 2002
then I had 512MB of RAM and a single-core processor

what do you think it was like to make songs then?
and then it went quite smoothly

it depends what one is doing in that DAW
if someone records instruments live, microphone, singers, everything goes with a ton of different plugins and 30 instruments are played at the same time… so a little more RAM is needed for live storage before being sent to disk after processing and compression. etc.
But in general it is not a 3D game - they are much more demanding
they also have 7.1 sound


!short video if anyone is interested


#1932 - Table ‘mxera1234.is_builder’ doesn’t exist in engine
How to fix?

You’ll have to give more context if you want someone to try and see what the issue is about. Where are you getting this error?


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My local server is NOT a VPS.

Hmm…freenom issues?


Omg :roll_eyes: it doesn’t matter what you have but to read the offered solutions from the article
if the previous article did not give you some answers.

or a slightly different address

Their whois doesn’t even work at the moment
and also probably again the problem with www.dot.ml
as was the case a few months ago - when a lot of users also complained here that “.ML” was not working.


Doesn’t matter. The gist is that the files in the data directory of the database server got messed up. It doesn’t matter if the system it runs on is physical or virtual, Windows or Linux.

That’s the annoying part. Freenom has issues quite often and then people flood the forum here complaining that their site is down.

Almost makes me consider blocking Freenom domains just to not get blamed for their shenanigans.



or give them as a gift …10 older PCs to serve as NS.
I don’t know what’s going on with them
the only valid reason could be DDoS
but I see that the server throws out an error properly in most cases so that’s not a problem…

I assume this first address should show something similar to the second one


The database content in the .idb files are fine.

Well f*ck.

From IFTT:
This email is to inform you of upcoming changes to our free tier that will be effective as of February 6th, 2023.
These changes include: exclusive Pro and Pro+ access to the Phone Call and SMS services and revised limits for daily email sends. Additionally, free accounts will be limited to 2 free Applets.

Anyone know of good alternatives?


I just forgot the WHERE clause on an UPDATE SQL statement. Nothing else needs to be said.