10 megabyte file limit

Is there any way you can modify the 10 megabyte file limit to delete the files once every five minutes instead of instantly? You just broke my entire site because you deleted a WordPress update mid-extraction and now I have to spend checks approximately 2 hours manually uploading individual files because you limit people to like 5 KBps on the FTP side. I’m probably going to pack up my stuff and leave over this because I never want to have to do it again.

As far as I understand the issue, the main thing which breaks WordPress installations and updates is not the file size limit, but rather the 20 second script execution time limit. So it’s not that the WordPress update file is deleted, it’s that the upgrade process is interrupted half way.

This is actually worse than the file being deleted. Because, in the past, we’ve seen that if the file exceeds the file size limits, it’s deleted instantly so the WordPress file integrity check fails and the update is halted before it can begin (and potentially break your site).

Also, yes, FTP is slow. Transfer speed isn’t as much a problem as latency. If you’re using FileZilla, you can increase the number of concurrent uploads from the default 2 to the maximum of 10, but uploading big scripts still takes time. Unfortunately, that’s just the way it is with FTP.

And finally, if you don’t want to update manually every time, you could also try to update through Softaculous.


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