1.3m html file disappears right after I load it to my site

I have a 1.3m html file containing a lot of links to small images. When I try to upload it to my InfinityFree site using Filezilla, I see it disappear right after it uploads. The size of the file is well under the 10m limit. Is it exceeding some other limit that InfinityFree has? If so, what?

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From what you are describing, it sounds like the anti-virus software on the hosting server is detecting a pattern that it does not see as trustworthy, therefore it might be removing it automatically after its upload.

Or you might be looking in the wrong folder, check out other folders, if not, then it is the first answer :slight_smile:

In addition to the 10 MB general limit, there are lower limits for PHP, HTML and .htaccess files specifically. These limits are documented here:


Ah, OK. so html files > 1mb are not allowed. That’s unfortunate, but probably I can find a way to work around it. Thanks for the quick response.

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