1/3 AJAX requests blocked by CORS

I have 3 different PHP scripts that talk to my database associated with this account and 2 of them work perfectly fine. The last one is getting blocked by CORS for some reason.


As far as I can tell it is set up the same way as the other two and is a simple MySQL insert query, not sure why CORS would have anything to do with this.

The script in question:

Hello there,

Ajax requests from other websites are not allowed and blocked in free hosting, if that’s your case check the following KB article for more info:

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Odd, it seems the file name tracker.php is blocked on that account. You said there are other accounts on which this same code does work? Is the script also called tracker.php on that account?

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It is from my website hosted on your server: naudigitool.rf.gd, to the database on my account.

I dont have multiple accounts with that file, but other files on this account that are very similar and they work fine.

I’m sorry, I misread your post and thought you had multiple accounts.

In that case: yes, the file name tracker.php is blocked. To use this script, you’ll need to change it’s name from tracker.php to something else.


Guess the name “tracker.php” is automatically blocked? Changing the name fixed it. Thanks

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