"Your Key and Certificate directories are not properly protected"

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I´m setting up my website for an Instagram store, when I access it says that it´s safe, so SSL should be enabled but when I´m in admin mode it says it still isn´t fully migrated. Also when I tried to enter it into Instagram bio it said that it can´t be reached.

Your Key and Certificate directories are not properly protected. For more information on this subject, please read this article

Above is the message that appears on Wordpress, it says I should ask my host to secure them, could you help me out @Admin ?

Welcome! Your site is all set to use HTTPS, however you just need to force it upon the visitor. Check out the article below!

From the linked article:

this warning occurs when your SSL certificate files aren’t protected. This happens when Really Simple SSL has created an ssl/certs and ssl/keys directory in your websites root folder

Why would you let Really Simple SSL create these directories? You can just delete them and use our free SSL certificates tool. If you use our tool, your SSL certificate keys are safely stored outside of any web accessible directories.

You don’t really need Really Simple SSL if you’re using our free SSL certificates in the first place, and it most definitely doesn’t need to be handling any keys and certificates.

I have no idea what this means. I don’t use Instagram.

That is because of this:

All InfinityFree sites have a script called /aes.js and it prevents non-web browsers (such as a bot) from accessing your site.

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So, in other words, I am not able to use an infinityfree hosted site as a vessel for an Instagram store? I was looking for a free hosted site so I reckon moving to premium isn´t an option. That feature is irremovable isn´t it?

It is not present on premium.

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Although not removable, you can get around it by using Cloudflare, I linked my guide below.

Thanks a bunch! Just to be sure, I can´t use Cloudflare on my current free infinity free domain (damnsetup.great-site.net)? So I´ll have to create a domain on what free hoster?

Ah, no you can’t. But you can get a free domain from freenom (Don’t choose .tk), and that will work until your willing to pay for a .com


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