"Your FTP account quota has been exceeded"

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Your FTP account quota has been exceeded

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I deleted an html file pertaining to the “About Me” page, intending on replacing it with a newer version of that file. Upon attempting to re-upload, I ran into this error. I only have about 8 html files and around 5 supporting folders for images and downloadable content, but less than 100 MB of data. Not sure why the quota has been reached when I’m replacing something that was there before with a smaller more concise version. I plan to delete and re-upload more going forward to update my site, any ideas for what I can do here? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you exceed the inode limit?



Can you please try uploading the file with a desktop FTP client like FileZilla? If it still blocks the transfer, be sure to share the error logs from that application.



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