Your free hosting account will be automatically reactivated 24 hours after it was suspended SERIOUSL


someone please help me? where is my Site? already spent time and continue with this message? where are my files? I’m desperate!!!

Before offering a service you could at least think about the users? I do not have access to my dashboard or to recover backups ! I do not have access to anything from my site more , and has passed the waiting time , I’m desperate.

my user is: fceu_18489227

Hello @cineboxfilmes.

It is not our fault. We have those limits in order to prevent our servers from overloading. In your case your CPU limit has been reached and you simply have to wait 24 hours. If I am right, control panel uses different timezone. You are saying that you have passed the waiting time? That is odd, although I think that this may be something related to timezones.

Can you wait some more time? Anyways maybe @Admin can look into this further.


The timers were changed recently and are a bit buggy. However, the system is not broken completely because I can see your account is active now.