Your domain is not yet pointing to and

Hello, please help me regarding with my concern, I’ve created domain name from freenom and already pointing to

My domain:
Created: April 25, 2020
Its been almost 72 hrs and the same error I get is this

You say your domain name is pointing to and, but in your screenshot, I see many more values than those.

Please make sure that your domain is using and and ONLY those servers. Don’t go make up your own nameserver addresses based on form fields you see, because those servers probably don’t exist.

Strangely, when doing a DNS lookup, I only see the values, and None of these nameservers exist. The only nameservers which do work are not shown there for some reason.


Thank you very much, i remove the to and will wait for the change will successful.

Thank you admin.

ns4.epizy too

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