Your account was taken down because you have exceeded the usage limits for free hosting or because of abuse

epiz_26339007 (Orien) Web domain:

Hi recently all of my accounts were suspended and when I go into the dashboard it says “Account Suspended” How can I reactivate my accounts I just spent so much time on this and I don’t have a backup! PLEASE HELP

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Hello UhTrue here happened with me the same thing my website also are being redirected to suspended domain and in vista panel dashboard shows the same thing ( i never excceded the free limits) , and also i have another accounts on other ifast net resellers that has been suspended for no reason and i never used literally that accounts ,

i think that suspensions could be a temporary error in servers .

i always make all days backups of my content and databases and for now i don’t lost anything , for that reason i recommend to all makes regular backups.

I was also suspended for no reason :confused:

hello Maruko , i hope the admin could give a response to us about that ( i am think that suspensions could be a internal error in servers that cause that disruption, i hope that issue could be solved

i thinked that thing happened only with me and when i come here to the forum i found other people with the same problem .

Hi there,
Can you check the client area and tell what kind of suspension is it?


hello Soundar what we can make for solve that problem ? ,

contacting the ifastnet team via support ticket saying about that situation ?

Please note that the ticket system is only for their premium members.

And your client area should tell you the best reason why your account was suspended

thanks for the info Soundar , and i checked the client area on vista panel and show me this (does not show any reason only that notification below on the image)

what we can make to solve that ?

if the support tickets are only for premium members (it is possible to click at blue button make support ticket to find what the reason for the account has been suspended ?)

Well i read the post that you send on the link that was helpful , if this problem does not solve automatically i will try to make a support ticket .

Can you provide a screenshot of Client area?

on my website i have more or less 20 visitors , i don’t excceded the free usage limits really because all the days i have very few visitors.

You can block traffic from China using Firewall rules,Which may help

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here is a screenshot of mine client area

i also tried make a new account , initially works but after one hour later the account has been suspended again for no reason , unfortunately

I wanted an screenshot like this >

Your account was suspended for abuse. InfinityFree monitors accounts to ensure they do not contain any harmful content, and that they don’t overload the free hosting serv

You abused the service…

Sometimes it maybe false positive.

Try to create a support ticket in cpanel

I don’t see how I abused it. Plus all the accounts just got suspended

If you abuse a hosting account,all accounts get suspended immediately to prevent more abuse

Wait so you are not using infinityfree?