Your account was suspended because you hit the Entry Process Limits

I’m always suspending! I’m tired now I don’t know what to do anymore Please solve this problem


You should use the this system for software testing or basic causes. I mentioned @Admin for see your problem! He or She see the notification soon.

Hmm,What will Admin do?
He is himself busy with heavy irl work.
You should take a look at the Knowledge base.

And it might due to many reasons,do you use WP,then try uninstalling some plugins(or just deactivate them)

Admin disabled pings


I’m sorry, but what problem do you expect anyone here to solve? According to our measurements, your account uses too much entry processes. Yes, entry processes are a bit vague. No, we don’t really have more detailed information than what’s available in the control panel (we only track the usage for your account as a whole).

The only option I can offer you which definitely helps is to switch to premium hosting, which has much higher limits.


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