Your account was suspended because you hit the Entry Process Limits

My account: (epiz_25436163)
Since ytd i have received emails warning me about the usage of daily resource limits. I was told that the sites utilised over 50% of the daily limit on “cpu warning”
Just now my account is suspended for hitting entry process limit (without prior warning this time). My website have very low daily visits at any given moment (acc to cloudflare only 400 unique visitors in last 24 hrs) so Im not sure why this happens.

Here is the statistics of my site:

Other information that might help finding the root cause:

  1. My site does not contain any blogs
  2. My site does not contain any .php files
  3. This site started from April and it is the first time experiencing this problem
  4. There is one 2MB MP4 video in index.html, with autoplay and loop on

It would be great if anyone can explain the reason for me thanks

Can you please check your account in the client area and click the “Learn more about this limit” link? It brings you to an article which explains the CPU limit in depth.

It won’t tell you exactly why your account specifically hit the limit. But it does tell you why we can’t tell you that either.

If you’ve read the article and still have questions, I or others will be happy to answer them.


So I have high entry process but low daily hits, indicating the entry process burst is quite severe.
Actually that MP4 video was added on 6th May (the day I received “cpu warning” email)
Is it possible that the video is causing large amount of entry processes?
But shouldn’t the video only be requested once per visit?

PS. As I used another custom domain for this account with Cloudflare applied, so the chance of my site being under DDoS attack is low

Actually, no. Using Cloudflare disables our own bot protection system, and Cloudflare is much worse at stopping bots than our system is. Almost every time someone says “I hit the CPU limit but there was no traffic”, then almost always the domain is using Cloudflare.

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I see…
So i will try disabling Cloudflare service and see if the situation goes on.
Btw, the system has notified me that my account has been re-activated. Yet the site still re-directs me to the suspended domain page since 1pm UTC (and now is already 4pm UTC). It would be great if you can help me fix that thanks.

The site just start working again, so i will wait to see if the high entry process situation continues in these days. Thanks so much for your replies

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