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My account is suspended. This is the 6th time he’s been suspended. I’m not doing anything, I’m just logging in to edit my site and when I exit it hangs after 1 or 2 hours. is suspended on a daily basis. I don’t understand where I went wrong. I know the problem is cpu overflow but I don’t know what to do to prevent it.

Other Information

  1. I have a total of 2 active Hosting Accounts in my account and all of them have wordpress installed.

  2. 16 plugins installed and Cloudflare installed.

  3. My theme is premium and contains a lot of code

  4. (I don’t know if it’s appropriate, but) Because I just set up the site, it doesn’t get much traffic for now.

screen shot

That’s the issue (plugins). more plugins=more suspension (I/O limit). This may help:

Also, can you share your plugin list, so we can suggest which should be there or not? Also using a lightweight theme is best.

yes i guess so.

Since I can’t access wordpress right now, I wrote what came to my mind:

wp rocket
yoast seo and 3 pack
[MonsterInsights – Google Analytics]
Google Site Kit
One Signal
Really Simple SSL
and 2 plugins of my theme

Remove him. Do not use any backup plugins, they don’t work well here, and use a lot of resources. You may also want to remove AMP and WP Rocket

do i get suspended again after deleting them

It depends on if they were the issue or not.

This is what I think

The CPU limit article specifically mentions Cloudflare in this section. Did you notice that when reading the article?

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