You have reached the limit of three hosting accounts!

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL
antiques.epizy [dot] com

Error Message

You have reached the limit of three hosting accounts!

Other Information

I live in an apartment which I share the internet connection. Some of the guys I live with are using this same hosting, WP template and we share the IP address.

Please unsuspend my websites…

Pete W…

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If you cannot give us strong proofs. We cannot unsuspend it for you.

That was a very poor answer. How do I send you strong proofs? Just answering me like that shows you don’t think I am telling you the truth. That’s not good my friend…

They log in to the same account and have you created 3 unwanted accounts?

Sorry, you are? What don’t you understand about my explanation? I thought it was quite clear.
We all share an apartment, we share the same internet connection, IP etc. We each set up an account, one each with 3 domains. We made these accounts to try to get us through these difficult times when we are all out of work, to help pay the rent and help us with food, etc.
Is that clear enough?

I don’t understand all three have been suspended?

No, I have had my 3 domains on one account suspended. My work mates ones are still up and running. Mine alone are suspended.

If it was a mistake on the part of the moderator, I can accept that, no worries. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. What you have quoted makes little sense to me, by the way, that’s not your fault my friend.

If it says abuse, then it will not fix itself

What abuse? Please elaborate. If someone can’t explain to me what I have done wrong, now, that’s real abuse. We are just suspending you for a reason we can’t, or don’t want to, explain.

Then please give us Screenshots of what you’re seeing, error messages? what happened? It’s a pretty a normal message when you reach 3 account limits:

And if you cannot give us proofs of course we cannot.
an Strong proof contains screenshots of an issue, error messages, where you’re seeing an error, etc.


This is what I saw:

One of the 3 emails I received:

Great! now I can see the reason for the issue :slight_smile:

And why is it suspended? did you send a support ticket for staff?

I have opened a support ticket, thank you.



Could you please send me a link to the ‘Spam Policy’ page? They do have one, right?


What have they responded to you?


Privacy Policy

Terms and Services

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message

Support Staff have said:

SPAM content is not allowed here…

Other Information

I have been informed by support staff that my website infringes your ‘Spam Policy’.

Could you please direct me to the page so that I may read it?

Many thanks…