Yes i'm sure it's been mentioned a million times but

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PHP Memory Limit. Yes I know it’s been answered a million times but a quick answer will do. Is a complex install script like ‘Astra templates’ just straight overloading the php memory limit of 120mb? I know we can’t change it but will even a vanilla wordpress install then that wizard overload it. Just wondering straight off the bat if the hosting here is sufficient for a wordpress install etc.


You just answered yourself. So keep it simple

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128 MB should be enough for most sites. Even if a script has a minimum memory requirement, it will probably still work with a lower limit.

So to answer your question: it probably won’t overload the PHP limit. But as long as script developers enforce arbitrary limits, the actual usage doesn’t matter.

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OK, it’s just it seems to be happening to me and continues to despite me only using those two elements so far. A vanilla WP install and then the astra wizard on top and everything seems to go to pot. No matter, just use it for less intensive processes. Thanks.

Well I didn’t answer myself since I was asking a question that still wasn’t answered. I was simply looking for anyone who might have gone through this particular process before. I.E: Have you only done a vailla wordpress install and then the astra wizard and had problems?

Turns out, no. All good.

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