XX.eu.org appears to be a subdomain, please add it as a subdomain to your account.


When I try to add my domain into “Addon Domains” or “Parked Domains” I get this:

orgregister.eu.org appears to be a subdomain, please add it as a subdomain to your account.

The same problem happens for orgregister.co.uk

Please allow subdomains.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I suppose that you’re trying to add a subdomain that you are trying to add a subdomain from another service, or it doesn’t exist at all. If you want to use a domain or sub-domain with Infinityfree hosting service, you have to make your domain or sub-domain point to Infinityfree’s name-servers which are:


I had trouble connecting to your subdomain, so i suppose it doesn’t exist yet, or you haven’t pointed nameservers yet to Infinityfree.

Your sub-domain also has to be real and existing. You cannot just add any subdomain or domain name on Addons domain section and expect it to get registered. You need to find domain registar or sub-domain registar that allows registering your sub-domain. Once it is registered you should find option in your sub-domain control panel: Nameservers. I am not very sure if most of sub-domain services allow pointing to nameservers, but domain services allow it.

Once your sub-domain, in this case: orgregister.eu.org is pointing to nameservers:

You can add it on add-on domains section, although once again i am not sure if Infinityfree allows adding external sub-domains. Its easier to get your own full domain name, for example orgregister.org, or if its already taken you can try to find another domain name for your service, like orgregister.me or orgregister.it (Just examples)

Anyways, i hope that i helped you somehow! 8)

You should be able to host .co.uk domains here. Several third level domains and free subdomains are whitelisted and should work. However, note that you need to register the domain name first and that it needs to be pointing to our nameservers before you can use it.