XMLRPC trouble because of TestCookie Nginx

Hello, I know that infinitely free use https://kyprizel.github.io/testcookie-nginx-module/ but the problem there’s some part of application that use json or such to send data to server and asking for valid return… Is there anyway arround to disable this thing on some php file? Thanks…

NB: I want to use OLW(Open Live Writer · GitHub) with my wordpress throught RPC.

I’m sorry, but any programmatic/API access to sites on InfinityFree is not possible. The nginx testcookie module is a security measure we use both to protect your website and our infrastructure and we can’t let you turn off security measures even if you believe you don’t need them.

The only way you’ll be able to use XMLRPC is by upgrading your hosting account. This security system is not present on premium hosting.