Www Subdomain Question

I have on InfinityFree a Subdomain subdomain.customdomainexample.com on infinityfree. I want to use cloudflare a record to set up. I must a add record only for Subdomain. Or also for www.subdomain.
Let me know?

Your wish, if you will use www, then add record for www also. If not, just add the record for the naked subdoman.

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Sorry, but that is not possible (Actually, it think it is, but you need a paid Cloudflare plan). Only TLDs can be added to Cloudflare. If your base domain is already on Cloudflare, then just add a new A record.

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Aye, subdomain.customdomainexample.com, means that it is a custom domain. Also www for a subdomain is indeed possible!

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Ok so do a www for a Subdomain is a good choice or it is good without it?

Its your choice, I really cannot advice on that, guide!::

If you want www.subdomain.customdomainexample.com to be accessible as well, you’ll need to add a DNS record for it. DNS records set on one (sub)domain don’t automatically apply to the www subdomain of the same name.


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