www.nameofsite.ml is other than nameofsite.ml

last time I uploaded my first html code to my website. Today I maked new code and replaced the old one. Now the new code is only on nameofsite.ml (example site name) but the older code is still on adress www.nameofsite.ml. I cannot find the old website documents anywhere.
Anyone can know what is reason of that?
Sorry for a bad english, hope you understanded

Thanks for all answers,
Tom Nguyen

Hello @Shakalaka can you please give me link of your website so I can take a look at it by myself?

By the way, try visiting it throught different browser or Chrome Incognito mode. See if that helps.

But still I’d like to see your website by myself.

Have a good day,


Thank you for your answer!
The problem was on my side, all is working fine now.

Best regards,
Tom Nguyen